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Labor Day Events from Palomino Catering

Labor Day is a great three-day weekend in early September, often celebrated with picnics or parties. But it has a historic context often forgotten today. Labor Day is a celebration of the American worker, and Peter McGuire was an Irish American cabinet maker considered the father of the holiday. American workers in the late 1800s worked 12 hours or more every day, and workers’ rights were nonexistent. McGuire discussed having a “festive day … (which) would permit public tribute to American industry” at a union meeting in 1882. Within a few months, more than 10,000 workers marched from City Hall to Union Square in New York City and the annual parade was born.

Labor Day became a legal holiday twelve years later in 1894. However, it wasn’t until 1916 that Congress established an 8-hour workday and overtime pay for railroad workers. In today’s world, union membership is less than half of its historic levels, perhaps 15% of Americans are self-employed, and less American teenagers than ever work a summer job. But 150 million or more Americans are still in the workforce, and Labor Day should be a reminder of the poor conditions suffered by earlier workers and the efforts of people like Peter McGuire who advocated better working conditions.

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