Catering Advice for Couples

Couples who are planning a wedding or anniversary party can utilize catering to make their job easier. When catering a wedding or party, there is a lot to think about. Which food and beverages are best for the event? How much should you spend per person? What is the theme and season of the event you’re planning? Think about these questions and read on to gain some catering advice. Continue reading “Catering Advice for Couples” »

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Host a Company Picnic!

Bring excitement to your company with a company picnic. Company picnics are the perfect way to boost morale, enjoy the warm summer weather, and bond as a company. The benefits of company picnics are nearly endless, so continue reading to learn more about the perks of providing your company with a picnic event. Continue reading “Host a Company Picnic!” »

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Palomino Catering is Ready for Your Next Event!

Palomino Catering is ready for your next event! Whether you’re planning a wedding, hosting an event, or throwing a party, Palomino Catering can supply your event with delicious food. Palomino Catering is professional, passionate, talented, and affordable, making our catering company the best option for your next event. Continue reading “Palomino Catering is Ready for Your Next Event!” »

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